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Diesel Engine Test Rig – Single Cylinder, Four Stroke Model IDET-1C4S Series
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Specifications for Computerized Model:

Engine: Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine
Cooling: Air Cooled or Water Cooled
Power Rating: 5 HP, 7.5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP
Loading Arrangement: Eddy Current Dynamometer of suitable size as per engine power rating provided with eddy current controller with digital displays for excitation voltage and current.
Coupling: Flexible Love Joy couplings
Air Flow Measurement: Powder Coated box with orifice type flow meter with Digital manometer Range 0 – 1000mm WC
Fuel Flow Measurement: Powder Coated fuel tank (capacity 15 lts) with glass metering column and scale along with digital manometer Range 0 – 1000mm WC
Torque measurement: Strain Gauge based sensor with Digital Indicator calibrated to read torque range suitable to power rating of engine.
Speed measurement: Non-contact optical sensor with Digital Speed Sensor Range
Calorimeter: Type Pipe in pipe with temperature sensors for exhaust gas inlet/outlet, cooling water inlet/outlet and cooling water flowmeter for flow measurement Range 250 LPH.
Compression Pressure Sensor: Piezo Electric Pressure Sensor Range 5000 PSI, with low noise cable
Crank angle Measurement: Crank Position sensor with 1-degree resolution, Speed 5500 RPM with TDC pulse.
Data acquisition: High Speed Data Acquisition USB based, 16-bit, 250kS/s.
Temperature sensor: RTD, PT100 sensor for temperatures upto 0 – 200oC and K Type Thermocouple sensor for temperatures upto 1200 oC
Temperature Indicators: Suitable for use with RTD PT100, Range 0–200 DegC and K Type Thermocouple Range 0 – 1200 DegC
Software “IEAS” Engine performance and analysis software
Engine cooling: Water Flow Measurement Range 400 LPH (Water Cooled Versions only)
Dimensions 2m W x 2.5m L x 1.5m H (Nominal)

Services Required from your end:

Electricity: 230V +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, Single phase with good grounding.
Water: Required through 1” BSP size tap connection and should be continuous, clean and soft at flow rate of 1000 LPH with atleast 10 m head.
Foundation: To be prepared by you as per drawing provided.

IEICOS Computerized Diesel Engine Test Rig – Single Cylinder, Four Stroke Models:

Air Cooled:
5 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-5HAC
7.5 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-7.5HAC
10 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-10HAC

Water Cooled
5 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-5HWC
7.5 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-7.5HWC
10 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-10HWC
15 HP: Model IDETC-1C4S-10HWC

Note: All computerized models supplied by us include computer and software

IEICOS Diesel Engine Test Rig – Single Cylinder, Four Stroke – Basic Models:
Air Cooled
5 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-5HAC
7.5 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-7.5HAC
10 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-10HAC

Water Cooled
5 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-5HWC
7.5 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-7.5HWC
10 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-10HWC
15 HP: Model IDET-1C4S-10HWC

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