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In-line Rotating Shaft Torque Sensors Model- 500
IEICOS | Torque Sensors and Digital Torque Indicators
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IEICOS In-line Rotating Torque Sensors are rugged electronic sensor units designed for measuring torque transmitted from a driver to its load through their rotating shafts coupled into the line of shafting. They provide an electrical output proportional to the torque transmitted through a non-rotating brush assembly contacting four slip rings mounted on the shaft which has four strain gauges are bonded for measurement of torque in a wheatstone bridge network. IEICOS special brush lifting arrangement keep the brushes lifted up while sensor is not in use for measurement.

IEICOS Torque Sensor Model 500 Specifications:

Range : 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 kgm.
Speed Range of Torque Sensor : 3600 RPM standard (higher speeds on request)
Sensing Element : Resistance strain gauge bridge
Excitation : 10V DC max
Overload : 50% of rated capacity
Linearity : < ±1% of rated capacity
Operating Temperature : 10oC to 50oC
Terminal resistance : 350 ohms nominal
End Coupling : Keyed shaft provided as standard. Other options on request – flange, unkeyed shaft, hole in shaft
Optional : Built-in IEICOS Speed Sensors Model 600 for measurement of Speed
Speed Sensor Range : 3600 RPM
IEICOS | Torque Sensors and Digital Torque Indicators
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